Gradience Pro/Enterprise - Installing version 11 on a Replacement Client


You will be installing the final release of version 11 on your new client workstation. It is version 11.0.1606.29

The 16 refers to the year 2016.

The 06 refers to the month of June.

The 29 refers to the day-of-the-month.

Your server is no doubt still running version 11. The question however, is [Which release of version 11 is your Server running?]. It may be older than the one you will be installing on your new client workstation.

When you run different versions or different iterations of [any] version on various machines that are all pointed to the same database, you will get weird, voodoo-like performance from the software and you risk corrupting the data beyond repair. Such corruption can cause functionality issues that cannot be resolved.

Before you install version 11 on your client machine, you must first verify [which] release of version 11 is running on your server and any other existing clients. To find your fullmulti-digit version number inside the software Please go to the server [and any other computer where Gradience is running] and open Gradience. Then just click Help > About. A popup window will open showing you the fullmulti-digit version number.

If you are unable to open the software on your server, there are also two ways to view the version from [outside] the software.

1. Go to Programs & Features to view it on the list. If it shows Gradience Professional, it will also give the version number similar to one in the image below.

​​If you don't see the words Gradience Professional you will probably see Gradience 2007. If you see this, please disregard it and go to step 2 below.

2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gradience and open the Common folder. Then scroll down to and right-click on GCore.exe and click on Properties > Details to view the fullmulti-digit version number.

IMPORTANT! If your server or any other computer is running a release of version 11 that is older than 11.0.1606.29, you must first install version 11.0.1606.29 on the server and [then] install version 11.0.1606.29 on the new client. You can find information on downloading the install file further below. 

IMPORTANT! If the server or another client is running a completely different version altogether such as version 10 or version 9 or version 12, please stop and notify Tech Support for further advice.

IMPORTANT! Before installing version 11 on the new client, you must properly [point] the new client to the database location. You would do this by following the steps below.

If you have another good [existing client]...

1, At the other client go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience and copy the Hrware.ini file. 

2. Paste the copied Hrware.ini file into a network folder or external USB drive.

3. At the replacement client, go to C:\ProgramData.

Note: The ProgramData folder may be hidden. You can go online to find simple steps to unhide hidden folders for your particular operating system.

4. Create a Gradience folder there and paste-in the copied Hrware.ini file.

5. Proceed to Downloading the installation file below.


If you do not have another good [existing client]...

1. At the server, go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience. 

Note: The ProgramData folder may be hidden. You can go online to find simple steps to unhide hidden folders for your particular operating system.

2. Copy the Hrware.ini file and save it to a neutral location such as a network folder or a USB device (thumb drive).

3. Open the copied Hrware.ini file in the neutral location and find the line [very near the top] that begins with...


You will see the word Localhost following he equal sign. 

4. Change the word Localhost to the name of the server and then click File Save. and close the file. DO NOT change any other part of the file. DO NOT change the PATH=line.

5. On the new client workstation, go to C:\ProgramData and create a Gradience folder there.

6. Paste the now altered Hrware.ini file into the newly created Gradience folder.

7. Proceed to Downloading the installation file below.

Downloading the installation file...

Installing version 11 on the replacement client workstation.

When you run the install from the web site you risk something happening over the Internet during the process that may corrupt the installation. I recommend that you [not] install version 11 directly from our web site. Instead, I recommend that you download the file to your desktop. If you need to run it on the server, you can move it to the network or to an external, USB drive to bring it to the server to run the install there first and then you can run the install directly from your desktop on the new client workstation. 

Three Important Tips!

1. You will download the installer for the entire version 11 suite. It is not until you begin the actual installation process that you select the specific software title that you need. Please be sure that you [only] select the software title(s) that you actually need. When you select Attendance you will automatically [also] get Gradience Records at no cost but you need to be sure that you [not] select FMLA Tracker or TimeClock or any of the other choices if you don't have licenses for these other titles. Otherwise you will encounter problems after installation.

2. Half-way through the installation, do not click Test Connection as this [will fail] on a fresh installation. Just click Next.

3. At the end of the installation, you will see a message asking whether you wish to restart now or later. Please select Later but you do not have to reboot/restart your computer or the server at all.

Please click here to access the installation file for version 11.



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