Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Update an Older Version 11 to the Latest Version 11

Please read all of the information below before you proceed.

Many customers have renewed their software [license] annually over the years but have failed to update their software [version]. 

Version 12:

The latest version is 12 and at the time of this web article revision (08/07/2018) the latest release of version 12 is 12.18.0610.11. It is the build from June 10, 2018.

The 18 refers to the year 2018.

The 06 refers to the month of June.

The 10 refers to the day-of-the-month.

The 11 refers to the time-of-day. (1100 hrs. / 11:00 AM Eastern Time)

Version 11:

The latest release of version 11 is 11.0.1606.29, which came out on June 29, 2016.

The 16 refers to the year 2016.

The 06 refers to the month of June.

The 29 refers to the day-of-the-month.

You can find your version number inside the software by clicking Help > About

Below is an image of an older version from July 30, 2014

There are releases of version 11 that go all the way back to late 2010!

If you are not able to open the software to verify the full, multi-digit version number of your particular release of version 11, you can find the version number from outside the software by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gradience and open the Common folder. Then scroll down to and right-click on GCore.exe and click on Properties > Details to view the full, multi-digit version number.

CAUTION! It is very important that you know for sure whether you are running Gradience on a server or any other computers. If you are, they must be running the [same] full, multi-digit version number. If they are not, you risk corrupting the data beyond repair. Such corruption can cause functionality issues that cannot be resolved.

So, when you install an update, it is essential that you install the update on every machine where Gradience is running so that they will all match. 

If the software is on your server, begin there and then install it on other workstations.

Change From the Past...

Unlike your old version 11, the installer for the latest one is able to install [all] of the software titles within the suite. It is very important that you only select the title or titles for which you have a license. Otherwise you could encounter some performance issues.

Although version 11 is bug-free, you will encounter a few inconvenient quirks during the installation process. These quirks will not be encountered when installing version 12.

1. You may see that certain software titles for which you do not have a license are already selected [checked] for installation. You may have to deselect some software titles during installation.

2. You will see a Test Connection button mid-way through the installation process. Please disregard this button and click Next.

3. You will see a message at the end of the installation process referring to restarting the computer. Choose Later. It is NOT necessary to reboot the machine after installation. 

Tip! Do not run the installation from our web site. Instead, download the installation file to your desktop and run it from there. You can then paste the installation file into a network folder or onto a thumb drive to move it to other machines for installation. 

Please remember that if you are running Gradience on multiple computers that you install the update on the server/computer that is hosting the data first and then install it on the client workstations. 

IMPORTANT! During installation you will see a screen early in the process. Please read the description for each choice before making your selection.

Please click here to download the installation file for version 11.0.1606.29.

If after installation, you find that the software fails to open, please click here.

If you require assistance from Gradience Tech Support, please click here and when the web site opens, click on Submit a Request.


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