Gradience Pro / Enterprise – Can’t Find the Database Monitor


The database Monitor is located on the computer/server that is hosting your data. Go to that machine. If you are not physically at the host machine and attempt to do this remotely, please be advised that Remote Desktop (RDP) will often return an error so you may have to use an alternate remote tool.

Once you are on the host machine, begin typing Database Monitor into the search field on the desktop. Soon after you begin typing it will appear on a menu so that you may select it. Once you have selected it, you will get the following popup window.


You will need to log into it as you would log into the software. Once you have done so, the following popup will open.


After it opens, you may…

A. Click the Backup button at the top-left to begin backing up the data or…

B. Click Hide to simply leave it running so that you may back up the data from a client workstation whenever you wish.

Note: It is not possible to back up the data from a client workstation unless the Database Monitor is running on the computer/server that is hosting the data.






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