Attendance - Newly entered employee failed to accrue Time-Off

Just creating a new employee does not automatically and retroactively cause the employee to have Time-Off. My guess is that you expected this newly entered employee(s) to have earned Time-Off on a date [prior to] the date you entered the employee(s) into the software.

If this is true, I must surmise that the newly entered employee(s) did not actually exist in the database on the date when the Time-Off accrual took place so when the accruals took place, the software could not possibly give Time-Off to any employee(s) who did not exist at that time.

Now that the employee exists, the software says…

Oh look! A new employee has just been entered! Excellent! The next time that Time-Off is scheduled to accrue, I’ll accrue Time-Off to this new person.

You on the other hand are thinking…

WOAH! Wait just a dog-gone minute! I want this person to have earned something [before] I entered the name!

Sorry, the software does not automatically and retroactively accrue Time-Off. You have two options...

A. Give the person Time-Off manually as an Initial Deposit and then just let the program automatically accrue Time-Off the next time it is scheduled to do so. or...

B. You can rerun your Time-Off accruals forward from whatever date the person [should have] earned Time-Off through today.

  • You may click here to watch a video on how to enter your Initial Deposits of Time-Off
  • You may click here to apply an initial Deposit.
  • You may click here to manually adjust this person's balance. 
  • You may click here to rerun your accruals
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