Basics - Admin can log in but user cannot

Issue: Local user is unable to open Basics but the domain Admin can.

Option One:

1.Uninstall SQL Express and Basics.

2.Temporarily assign the user to the Administrator group in Windows.

3.Install SQL Express and Basics.

4.Verify that the software will open.

5.Move the user back to the Standard or Other group.

Option Two:

Open the program click on Start > Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager  >  SQL Server 2005 Services > Right click on SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS), Properties  (see below)



From the Properties window click the drop down arrow next to Network Service and you have two options:

See these options on the next page…

  • If running the software as a Server-Client, select Network Service > OK.
  • If running the software as a Standalone, select Local Service > This Account > Browse.


When the Select User or Group screen opens, click Advanced.


From the next screen click Find Now from this screen browse for and highlight the local user’s name and click OK


When the Select User or Group screen reopens, the name will be indicated. Click OK.


When the next screen opens, enter the password that the user uses to log into his/her workstation. Reenter it again to confirm it and click OK. Log out as the admin and log in as the user. You should be able to open the program without any problems.


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