Attendance - Time-Off: Remedy for Plan Not Assigned

Accrual Prerun - Plan Not Assigned



One employee is or several employees are missing one or more Time-Off plans.


To resolve this issue please follow the steps below.

1. Read/print-out the Accrual Pre-Run Warning report to see the banks and employees to which plans are not assigned.

2. Close the Accrual Pre-Run Warning, click on Time-Off Assignments and select the first employee listed in the report.

3. Note the Time-Off Bank that has an empty field to its right in the [Assigned Time-Off Plan] column.

4. Click on the empty field.

5. Click the down arrow at the right end and a menu will appear.

6. Click on the appropriate plan that you wish to associate with that Time-Off Bank for that employee.


(None) Plan:

The software comes pre-loaded with a Time-Off plan that accrues no Time-Off at all. This plan called (None). If you do not have such a plan, it is because someone in your organization converted it into some other kind of Time-Off plan. In this case, you will have to create a new (None) plan.

To create a (None) plan, do the following...

1.  Click on Settings > Time-Off Plans.

2.  Click Plan Setup and when the screen opens, click New.

3.  Click No to the Wizard popup.

4.  Enter (None) into the plan name field and then make entries that match the image below. When finished, click Save.



Assign a "None" plan to a particular Time-Off Bank into which no Time-Off will be deposited: 


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