Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Errors

Resolving a variety of errors

 Version 10 and below are no longer supported. If you encounter further issues and you're using a release of version 11 please e-mail us at

Option One: Run the Database Maintenance Utility.

Option Two: Update to the most current edition of your version.

Run the Database Maintenance Utility:

From the desktop of the computer where the database is, do the following...

In Windows Vista or Windows 7 or click Start > All Programs > Gradience > MaintenanceDB Maintenance > Start.

In Windows 8 or 10 or Server 2008 or Server 2012 click Start > All Apps > Gradience > Database Maintenance > Start.


Update to the most current edition of your version:

First click Help (next to Reports at the top of the screen). When the drop-down menu opens, click About. A popup will open that will indicate your full, multi-digit version number. Jot it down and then after updating, open  the software again and click Help > About and compare what you jotted down to the new version number to verify that the update was a success.

Remember that...

The last decimal place in the version number is the day-of-the-month.

The decimal place preceding the day-of-the-month is the month.

The decimal place preceding the month is the year.

Click here to update to the latest release.

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