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Unhandled Exception in OSHA Manager

Unfortunately, in most cases an unhandled exception error in OSHA Manager means that the data file has become corrupted. If you have a backup file you can restore; however in order to restore you'll need to rename the OSHA data file. If you do not have a backup file, you'll still need to perform these steps but will be starting from scratch.

Rename the OSHA_Data.OSHA file

  • Windows XP OSHA Data Location: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OSHA\Data
  • Windows 7 OSHA Data Location: C:\Users\All Users\OSHA\Data or C:\ProgramData\OSHA\Data



Note: If you cannot see the above listed folder in Windows 7, Go to the top of the screen and click Organize > Folder and Search Options > View. In the middle of the popup, under Advanced Settings, check Show Hidden Files and Folders. and uncheck Hide protected operating system files and Click > OK.

Restore Data

1.Open OSHA Manager.

2.In the upper left corner, click File > Maintenance > Restore

3.Navigate to the folder where your backups are stored and double-click the backup you wish to restore.

4.You will get a warning that the restore will overwrite your existing data.

5.If you are agreeable to letting the restore overwrite your existing data, click OK.

6.You will get a message indicating that the restore is complete. Click OK.

Note: Click here for backup instructions.

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