Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Errors Encountered During the Backup Service


This can happen…

  • When there is no Backup folder in C:\Program Files\Gradience\Data
  • When running the software as a Stand-Alone or Client/Server and you are unable to backup to the local (C:) drive of the PC where the database resides
  • When on a Stand-Alone or at the Server you are unable to backup to a mapped network drive
  • When the you are unable to backup to an External Drive/Flash Drive

Quick Solution: Back up the data to a new location.

Long Term Solution:

1. Open the Task Manager.

2. Shut down all applications but Gradience.  

3. Attempt backup locally.  If you are successful it would verify that one of the applications you shut down is interfering with our Backup utility.

4. Reboot the computer.  All of the applications you previously shut down will return.

5. Open the Task Manager again. This time shut down only one of the other applications.

6. Attempt backup locally.  If you are unsuccessful, repeat step 5 and shut down another application. If unsuccessful, continue to repeat this process until you identify the interfering application.


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