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Using the Timecard Overlay 

The Timecard overlay allows for manual corrections of employee entries made in error. The Timecard "overlay" or pop-up window (shown below) is a useful tool to help correct mistakes, manually enter employee hours when no other method is available, and to register and log PTO (Paid Time Off) reasons and hours for individual employees. If you entered PTO time, the Hours and Minutes fields will populate with the total PTO time for easy reference.



There are two methods available to edit a Timecard entry:

  1. Click inside an empty time segment cell.

  2. Hover over a previously completed time segment cell and wait for the overlay window to appear.


Editing Time

  1. Move your cursor inside the overlay window and single-click into the fields to edit the information.

  2. Use the Clear or Undo hyperlinks to clear out or undo cleared changes.

  3. Close the window using the Save button, or use the Close button [X] in the overlay's top right corner

  4. Depending on what changes you made, and if there was existing time, a dialog window may appear asking you to confirm or discard changes.



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