Attendance - Time-Off: Changing an Existing Time-Off Plan

Make Changes to an Existing Time-Off Plan

These instructions are for those who have already set up the software and [may even] have been running it for some time but now find that there is a need to create a new Time-Off plan to accommodate a new policy or group of employees. To see how to create a Time-Off plan, please follow the steps shown or print-out the PDF below. 


These instructions assume that you have already set up your program. If you have not already setup your Attendance program, please do not proceed with these instructions.

Click here to initially set up your Time-Off plans.

Changing an Existing Time-Off Plan:

You may make many changes to an existing Time-Off plan.

  • You can accrue Time-Off daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or on custom dates. (Automatically)
  • Time-Off can accrue Time-Off according to an anniversary year, a calendar year or a fiscal year.
  • Unused Time-Off may be allowed to carry over from year to year in the amount that you designate or not at all.
  • Time-Off may be made to automatically increase over time based on your policies related to longevity of employment.
  • You may manually adjust the Time-Off balance of any employee at any time.
  • Time-Off may be set to prorate for the first month or first year and you may establish a waiting period.
  • At any time, you may change the way you accrue any kind of Time-Off.
  • You may remove Time-Off accruals as far back as you wish and re-run them under new rules retroactively. 

Click Settings > Time-Off Plans. When the Plan List screen opens, select the plan to be changed and then click Plan Setup. When that screen opens, make changes as you see fit. Click Save > Plan Description > Close.  


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