Attendance & Records - Basic Steps for Entering Employee Benefits

Click Settings > Global Settings > Records. Uncheck Use Legacy Benefits and COBRA forms.

Benefits List:

First ensure that you have a listing of all of your benefits.

1. Click Settings > Drop-down Menu Setup > Benefit Plan Types.

2. Check the items on the list that apply to your organization. Uncheck those that don't apply

3. To add something not already appear on the list, click New.  A new, empty line will appear.

4. Type-in the name of a new benefit.

6. The checkbox for Enabled must be checked or it will not appear as a choice when needed.

5. Click Save and then, click New again to enter another benefit.

6. Click Save when done and then, click Close.

Deleting a Benefit:

A benefit cannot be deleted if it is in use.  To delete a benefit, click on it and click the Delete key on your keyboard.  A message will pop up to confirm deletion and let you know if the benefit is in use.

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