Attendance - Time-Off: Remove All History

Remove ALL of your Accrual History

Eliminate all historical records of Time Earned, Time Used, Time Lost, Time Carried Over, Balances, Manual Adjustments, etc.

You can certainly set Gradience to [start over] with [fresh balances] for the new calendar year but that in itself would not "erase" what happened during the previous calendar year. You would retain that history.

To keep your history but start the new calendar year with fresh balances [without] carrying over any unused balances from the previous calendar year you would assign Time-Off plans that are set to [not] carryover any unused balances from the previous calendar year. That way, when the plans accrue new Time-Off on January 1st, all you will have are the [new] balances for the new calendar year with nothing carried over from the previous calendar year.

However, simply creating and assigning such plans alone are not enough. You must also remove what already happened and rerun your accruals forward from the last day of last year. This is because rule changes are [not] retroactive.

If Time-Off carried over already, changing the rule to prevent carryover [after the fact] will not remove the carryover that already happened. The reverse is also true. If Time-Off zeroed-out already to start fresh at the beginning of the year, changing the rule to allow carryover [after the fact] will not cause carryover.

If you want rule changes to be retroactive, you must rerun your Time-Off accruals [after] changing the rules. 

Click here to rerun your Time-Off accruals.

Removing All History Prior to This Calendar Year:

STEP ONE: Back up all of your history. This will give you the option of recovering it later.

Click File > Maintenance > Back up Database. This will create a [copy] of your history that you may restore later if you find that you want to see it. By the way, if you [do] want to see it later-on, do another backup of all of your current data at that time before restoring that history because that history stops at today’s date. It will [not] include anything past today.

STEP TWO: Turn [off] the automatic accrual feature.

1.   Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance.

2.   Set it as shown here...

3. Click Save > OK > Close ...This way, when you remove your history, the program will [not] re-accrue automatically.

STEP THREE: Remove your history.

1. Click File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions. A small popup window will open.

2. Enter a Begin Date that is as far back as the earliest entry on the calendar or earliest accrual, whichever is oldest. 

3. Enter a Thru Date of 12/31 of the previous calendar year.

4. Put a check mark in Adjustments and Used and leave everything else checked as well.

6. Click the green check mark in the upper left Run Process. When removal is complete, close the small popup window.

7. Once again, click File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions.

8. When the popup opens, enter a Begin Date of 01/01 of the current calendar year.

9. Enter a Thru Date of (whatever today's date is when you do this).

10. Do not put a check mark in Adjustments and Used.

11. Leave everything else checked and click the green check mark in the upper left Run Process.

STEP FOUR: Rerunning Accruals: 

1. Back up the database! Click File > Maintenance > Back up Database.

2. Click on File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions.

3. In the Begin Date field, enter the date from which you wish to re-accrue.

4. Enter today’s date into the Thru Date field and click Run Process. (Green check mark in the upper-left corner of the popup.)

5. When the removal is complete, close the popup and click File, Maintenance > Perform Accruals. A new window will appear.

6. Click on Run Accruals. When the accruals are complete, don’t bother clicking Preview. Click Post Accruals

7. To verify your results, click Transactions. If you are not happy with the results, you always can remove the accruals, correct the plans and rerun them.

STEP FIVE: Set your Accruals to run automatically going forward.

1. Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance and set your Accrual Schedule as shown here...

2. Click Save > OK > Close.





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