Attendance & Records - Time-Off: Initial Deposit


Open a Time-Off Account with an Initial Deposit

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Location of the Initial Deposit:

  • Time-Off resides in a Time-Off Bank.

Purposes of the Initial Deposit:

  • Generally, you begin using Gradience Attendance long after an employee has worked for you so the employee already has a balance of various kinds of Time-Off. You may use this feature to enter the current balance.

  • You may have just begun using Gradience but you want the software to begin managing your Time-Off from some earlier point such as the beginning of this year so you need to enter balance that existed just prior to the starting point where Gradience will begin managing your balances automatically. 

  • You may have run Time-Off accruals before an employee existed in the software so you now need to manually give the employee what he/she would have earned had the employee existed when the Time-Off accrued to everyone.

Please click here to watch a training video.


1. Click Time-Off Assignments over on the left.

2. Select an employee name.

3. Under Initial Deposit in the upper-right, enter the amount of Time-Off you wish this employee to have initially.   

4. Under Date of Initial Deposit enter the effective date of the balance the employee is starting out with.

5. Click Save.

CAUTION! Do not enter an amount for a date when a Time-Off plan is scheduled to make a deposit automatically.

CAUTION! Do not come back and enter a new amount for a new date unless you are making a correction. This is a one-time entry. You only open a bank account once.


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