Attendance - Delete Unwanted Carryover

Removing Unwanted Carryover

1.  Select the name of a person for whom time carried over but should not have.

2.  On the Calendar screen, click the Year Settings tab just under the calendar. When does it indicate that the year began?  Sometimes people setup their program to have the year begin on each person's anniversary.

If your year is set to begin on each person's anniversary, the balance will either carryover or zero-out at midnight on the day before the anniversary.  Any time remaining after December 31st is just the normal continuing balance as the year has not started over yet.  It only appears to be carrying over because you are thinking that the year started on January 1st. when in fact it started on the employee's last anniversary.

If your year has been set to start on the anniversary and you don't want that to be the case, click Settings > Time-Off Plans. Once on the Plan List screen click on the line for the Time-Off plan in question.

Click Plan Setup and on the left under the heading Each new year starts on... set it to January 1st. as shown here...

If the year has already been set to start on January 1st and you have an amount under Carryover that shouldn't be there, it means that this Time-Off plan has been instructed to carryover as shown here...

Is it set to Carryover?  If so go ahead and change it to Zero the balance from prior year as shown here...

After correcting the way that a plan is designed to function the plan will now accrue differently going forward but what has already happened will not change. In order to apply the corrections retroactively you will now need to re-run your accruals from however far back you need the rule change to be retroactive. 

Click here for the steps to re-run your Time-Off accruals.



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