Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Custom Reports Help


Custom Reports are considered an value added feature. We do not provide guidance on how to use these custom reports in Gradience.

Way back in 2007 we created a tutorial on using the custom reports feature in Gradience. It is important for you to know that the essential elements are all still valid today but some of the particular [screens] may now appear different.

At some point, we hope to produce a replacement video to update the instructions provided so that the information provided will match the screens identically.

So, knowing that the video is old but essentially still valid, please click on the first attachment below, unzip the file to your desktop and run it from there.

Additionally, you may click on any of the PDFs below for more specific steps on customization. If none of the PDFs address your needs, perhaps you can extrapolate from them to achieve your particular objectives.

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