Attendance - Removing Carryover After-The-Fact

CAUTION! Before you get started, you need to know the precise point when the year ends. The last day of last year may not be December 31st. That will only be true if your year begins annually on January 1st.

  • If your year begins on the employee's anniversary, the last day of last year will be the day before the employee's last anniversary.
  • If your year begins on a Fiscal Date as set at Settings > Global Settings > Attendance, then the last day of last year will be the day before the current fiscal year began.

This is illustrated in the Plan Setup screen as shown here...

Go to the Calendar screen and click Year Settings to see when the current year began to know the last day of last year.

1. Click File > Maintenance > Back up database to preserve the data as is.

2. Find the name of one employee who carried over some Time-Off that you wish to remove.

3. Click Time-Off Assignments to see the name of the Time-Off plan assigned to this employee.

4. Click Settings > Time-Off Plans.

5. When the screen opens, click on the Time-Off Plan assigned to the employee.

6. Click Plan Setup.

7. At the lower-left, set the plan to Zero the balance from the prior year.

8. Click Save > Close.

9. In the upper-left, click File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions.

10. In the Begin Date field, enter the last day of last year as your Begin Date.

11. Enter today's date in the Thru Date field.

12. Some of the check boxes are checked while others are not. Please leave all of the check boxes the way they are. Leave the checked ones checked and the unchecked ones unchecked.

13. Click Run Process, and when the removal is complete, click Close.

14. If your Time-Of accruals failed to re-run automatically, click File > Maintenance > Perform Accruals.

15. When the popup opens, click on Run Accruals. This will re-run the Time-Off accruals forward from whatever Begin Date you entered on step 10 above through today without carrying over the previous year’s balance.

16. When the accruals are complete, click Post Accruals. If you are not happy with the results, you can always remove the accruals, correct the plan and rerun them. To verify results, click Transactions.



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