Attendance & Records - Remove Transactions


Back up Your Data: First be sure to back up the database to preserve a copy of the data as is.

From within the program, click File > Maintenance > Back up Database.

  • If the database is not on “this” computer, the backup will begin immediately.
  • If the database is on “this” computer, the Select Directory window will open letting you set where you want the backup to go.

1. Click Settings > Global Settings Attendance.

2. On the right, set it as shown here...

3. Click Save > OK > Close. Now you may remove your transactions. 

Remove Transactions:

1. Click on File > Maintenance > Remove TransactionsA popup window will open…

2. Begin Date: Enter the earliest date on which transactions will be removed.

3. Through Date: Enter the last date on which transactions will be removed.

4. Remove Transaction Records of Type: Designate transactions to remove.

  • Time Earned – Removes time-earned.  
  • Adjustments – Removes manual adjustments for the selected date range.
  • Used – Removes time used for the selected date range.

5. In the large field at the lower-left of the pop-up window, only check those categories/banks where time is to be deleted for the date range entered. 

6. Click Run Process > Close.  

7. You will get a popup window indicating the new last accrual date.

8. To verify results, click Transactions.



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