Attendance & Records - Time-Off Bank Removal

Deleting a Time-Off Bank

  • Older versions refer to this feature as an Absence Category.
  • Newer versions refer to this feature as a Time-Off Bank. These instructions use the new term.


This is very simple to do when you have just one employee or just a few employees entered, but it takes more effort when you have already entered many names and have already amassed a history of time earned, used or adjusted for the Time-Off Bank being eliminated.


This process will remove all history of activity for the Time-Off Bank being removed. If you need to retain your history of activity for this absence category, do not remove it. Instead, on the left side of the screen, click Time-Off Assignments and assign None as the accrual plan to this Time-Off Bank for each employee. The None plan is a Time-Off plan that accrues no Time-Off at all; as in …How much vacation time does Bob get? … None."

So, if you want to keep your history for the Time-Off Bank but accrue no additional Time-Off going forward, you must enter the None plan as the Assigned Time-Off Plan. If you leave the field for the plan blank, Time-Off cannot accrue at all. If you fail to assign a Time-Off plan to a single Time-Off Bank for a single employee, your Time-Off accruals will not run at all. No one will earn any Time-Off whatsoever.


If you do not wish to retain any history for the selected Time-Off Bank, you may eliminate the Time-Off Bank altogether by the following steps:

► First back up your database.

1. Click File > Maintenance > Backup the database to preserve the data as it is in case you change your mind later.


► Next, Make sure all employees are being displayed. (Active, Inactive, Terminated Full-Time, Part-Time)

1. At the top of the screen, click View > Employee Display Filter. A popup will open.

2. Check everything including Deleted but do not check Show TimeClock enabled only and Hire Range.

3. Click OK. This will allow anyone who was ever entered to appear under Employee Select.


►Next, remove any transactions related to the unwanted Time-Off Bank.

1. Click File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions.

2. The Begin Date, is the date prior to the first transaction (Time Earned, Used, Adjusted.) for this Time-Off Bank.

3. The End Date is actually a “Through Date” and must be after the ‘last’ transaction for the Time-Off Bank being removed.

4. Under Remove Transaction Records of Type check all three boxes. (Accruals, Adjustments, Used)

5. IMPORTANT! In the large field at the lower-left of the pop-up, uncheck the Time-Off Banks that are not being removed. To do this, you must double-click to remove the checkmark.

6. Click Run Process. When complete, close the pop-up window.


► Next, make sure that none of your Absence Reason Codes deduct from the Time-Off Bank being removed.

1. Click Settings > Absence Reason Codes and look in the column under Debit This Time-Off Bank.

2. In this column only; click on any instances of the Time-Off Bank that you wish to remove. When the down arrow appears, click on it and select Another Time-Off Bank or the choice Not Assigned.  The selection (Not Assigned) means that no Time-Off of any kind will be debited from any Time-Off Bank when the Absence Reason Code on that line is used.

3. When the Debit This Time-Off Bank column no longer contains any instances of the Time-Off Bank you wish to remove, click Save.


► Next, make sure that no Time-Off plans have been assigned to this Time-Off Bank for anyone.

1. On the left side of the screen, click Time-Off Assignments and scroll to the first employee on your list.

2. Look toward the center of the screen to find the Time-Off Bank being removed in the ‘shaded’ column.

3. Look to the right of the Time-Off Bank being removed, under Assigned Time-Off Plan. If a plan has been entered click it to highlight it and click the Delete key on your keyboard to delete it. If anything has been entered on that same line under Initial Deposit, or Time Used since Initial Deposit, or Date of Initial Deposit, delete those entries the same way and click Save.

4. Move on to the next employee on the list and repeat the process in step three. Once you have ensured that no employees have been assigned a Time-Off plan for the Time-Off Bank  being removed and no entries exist under Initial Deposit, or Time Used since Initial Deposit, or Date of Initial Deposit, you may take steps to remove the unwanted Time-Off Bank.


► Now you may remove the unwanted Time-Off Bank.

1. Click Settings > Time-Off Banks. On the left, click on the Time-Off Bank to be eliminated and then click the Delete icon (Trash Can) at the top of the screen. You will get a warning. Just click Yes.


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