Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Restore Data

Restore the contents of a previous data backup

Warning! This will overwrite your current data. Back up your current data first just in case you need to restore your current data later.

From the desktop, click your Windows Start button > All Programs or All Apps > Gradience > MaintenanceDatabase Monitor.  Enter the same login and password you use for the program.

Note: If you’re unable to open Database Monitor because of a corrupted database, you’ll need to rename the current HRWARE.GDB database file. Afterwards, re-install the software. This will create a new, blank database. Open the software to establish connectivity. Exit out of the software and now open the Database Monitor and follow the steps below.

1. When the Database Monitor opens, click on Restore > Browse

2. When the Look in popup opens, select the backup from the list or click the down arrow to navigate to the folder where the backup resides. All backups have a date and time stamp.

3. Click on the backup to be restored and click Open.

4. The backup file will appear in the upper field in the Database Monitor.

5. In the second field [Database to restore:] enter the path to the database that is being overwritten. Be sure to include the name of the database being overwritten in this path. See example below.

6. Click Start Restore.

7. When the restore is complete, click Yes to the message that appears.

8. To exit, click File > Exit.



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