Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Move from Standalone to Server-Client While Going from Optima to Gradience


Go from running the program on a single computer as a standalone to running it on multiple computers sharing the same database while also upgrading from Optima or MyBiz to Gradience version 12

STOP! Please print these instructions first!

When you click to download the installation file, you will be taken away from these instructions. By printing out these instructions, you can follow the steps below once you are on the web page where you will be downloading the installation tile.

You will be installing version 12.17.0508.16, which came out on May 8, 2017.

The 17 refers to the year 2017.

The 05 refers to the month of May.

The 08 refers to the day-of-the-month.

The 16 refers to the hour-of-the-day - 1600 hrs./4:00 PM EDT

IMPORTANT NOTE! The current version will look and feel nearly identical to your old Optima or MyBiz software and it [should] be able to read your original data. We moved away from Optima and MyBiz in late 2006. Most people have no trouble seeing their original data in Gradience but a few have not been successful. 

If you are not able to see your data in the new software after moving to Gradience, please go to and click on Submit a Request to open a support ticket. When you do, please provide as much information as possible to speed our response time. In particular, the name of the organization who purchased Gradience and that organization's phone number and if you have it, that organizations account number with us. 

These instructions are for...

  • Gradience Attendance, which included Gradience Records, 
  • Gradience TimeClock, TimeStation, and TimeClock Remote and...
  • Gradience FMLA Tracker


Find your Database File and Copy it.

1. At the computer where you used Optima or MyBiz, open the Hrware.ini file. This file will tell you where your database file is located.

  • On an XP computer or a 2003 Server the Hrware.ini file will be located at C:\Windows.

  • On all newer operating systems, the Hrware.ini file will be located at C:\ProgramData\Gradience

Note: The Programdata folder may be hidden. You may go online to see how to unhide this folder on your operating system.

Near the top of the Hrware.ini file, you will see three lines as shown here…




2. The last item in the PATH line; (hrware.gdb) refers to the database.

3. Go to where it resides and copy it.

4. Paste a copy of this folder into a neutral place where it can be retrieved later. 

Download the installation file to the Server.

1. Click here to download the installation file for the latest version of Gradience. 

2. When you get to the web page select Gradience Suite Don't be concerned that you cannot select a specific software title. You will do that during the installation process. Right now, you're just downloading the installation file. Once downloaded, you should paste a copy of the installation file to the server's desktop.

Installing on the Server:  The name of it is GradienceCore.msi and it looks like this...

1. Run the installation and be sure to select Server when prompted as shown here...

2. When given the option, check the software title(s) for which you have a license and then click Next..

3. Click Next through the rest of the prompts but do not click Test Connection because it will fail.

4. Do not reboot the server when finished even if instructed to do so when finished.

5. Go to that neutral location where you pasted a copy of the original database file and copy it again.

6. Go to the new server and use the copy of the original database (Hrware.gdb) to replace the new, blank one that was created by the installation process.

Open Gradience on the NEW Server

1. Open the order confirmation email that you received from our company and copy the 32-character product key for the 2017 license. Then minimize but do not close that email. 

2. At the NEW server open a Gradience software title and when prompted, paste in the product key for that specific software title. Once in, you can click a tab for another Gradience software title that you may have installed and then enter the specific product key for that title. 


3. Verify that you see all of your data and then click Help > About to verify the software version number. 

Install the new software on a NEW client workstation. 

If the old computer already has the latest version of Gradience, move on to Re-Point the Old Computer.

If you find that you must update Gradience on your old computer follow these steps...

1. Move a copy of the installation file to the desktop of the old computer.

2. Run the installation there and select Standalone when prompted. Do not select Client or Server.

Turn the old standalone into a Client Workstation: 

These steps are only valid if you were fortunate enough to have gotten Optima or MyBiz to run on a Windows 7 or newer computer. (Highly Unlikely) 

1. Go to the New server and go to C:\Programdata\Gradience and copy the Hrware.ini file and then paste that copy into a neutral location where you can retrieve it later.

2. While still at that neutral location, open the copy of the Hrware.ini file and take note of the 3rd or 4th line down where you see SERVER= as shown below.

3. Change Localhost to the name or the IP Address of the NEW server. DO NOT change the PATH= line.

4. On the original computer go to C:\Programdata\Gradience. The Programdata folder may be hidden.

5. Use the copy of the Hrware.ini file that has just been changed to replace the original one.


Click here to troubleshoot connection issues.

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