Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Download and Install a Trial Version

Installing a FREE Trial of Gradience Software

These installation instructions pertain to the following items...

  • Gradience Attendance, which includes Gradience Records
  • Gradience TimeClock, TimeStation, TimeClock Remote
  • Gradience FMLA Tracker

IMPORTANT! Please print these instructions before you click the download link so you will have the steps you need to run the installation.

NOTE: Licenses are purchased annually but the version is updated throughout the year for FREE.

  • If you are not running any of the other software titles listed above on this or any other computer, please proceed to Installing the FREE Trial below.
  • If you are already running of one of the above listed items on [this] computer but not on any [other] computer, Please proceed to Installing the FREE Trial below.
  • If you are already running of one of the above listed items on [other] computers, the version full, multi-digit number of what you are about to install on this computer may not match the full, multi-digit number of what is already running on the [other] computer(s). 

If you run [different] multi-digit versions on [multiple] computers that are all touching the same data, you will get strange, performance from the software and you risk corrupting your data beyond repair! 

So, if you are already running of one of the above listed items on any other computers, you must first verify the version of the title you already have. You can do this by opening the software and clicking Help > About.

The version you will be installing is 12.18.0806.11, which came out on August 6, 2018.

The 18 refers to the year 2016.

The 06 refers to the month of June.

The 10 refers to the day-of-the-month.

The 11 refers to the hour-of-the-day. - 1100 hrs./ 11:00 AM Eastern Time

If you find that the version you have on the [other] computer(s) is older, you must first update the software there to this later release of version 12.  

Installing the FREE Trial...

Please click here to install the latest version.


During the installation process, you will be given the option of installing this as a standalone or as a server or as a client. All options are available during the FREE Trial but typically, people install on one computer as a standalone to test the software and then redeploy the software to multiple computers across their network later.

Select Your Software Title...During installation you may select the particular software title(s) you wish to evaluate.


When you open the software, you will be prompted for a product key. Just click Continue in Demo mode. The software will have 100% functionality for 30 days. When you purchase a license, you will receive a product key. Once you enter the key, the software will function through 12/31/ of the licensed year.

Use the software for FREE for 30 days in Demo Mode. Once the FREE Trial expires, you can open the software and enter the words demo extend where the product key would go. This will allow you to continue to use the software for FREE for another 30 days. 

Please use the first 30 days before entering demo extend. If you enter the words demo extend early, say on day 5, you will end up with a total of 35 days. If you wait until the first 30 days are over and then enter the words demo extend, you will end up with a total of 60 days to evaluate the software for FREE.

If you decide to purchase a software license, please call 800-999-9111 or email







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