Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Moving to a New Server while Upgrading from Optima


The current version is no longer supported on XP, Vista or Server 2003

Please print this before proceeding further!

When you click to download the installation file, you will be taken away from these instructions. You'll need the print-out.

You will be installing version 12.17.0508.16, which came out on May 8, 2017.

The 17 refers to the year 2017.

The 05 refers to the month of May.

The 08 refers to the day-of-the-month.

The 16 refers to the hour-of-the-day - 1600 hrs./4:00 PM EDT


If your client workstations are running an older multi-digit version number than the one you will be installing on the new server, you MUST update Gradience on the clients as well. If you run different multi-digit versions on different computers, you will get strange, performance from the software and you risk corrupting your data beyond repair!


Find and copy the folder containing your data & backups.

1. At the old server, open the Hrware.ini file. This file will tell you where your database file is located.

  • On Server 2003 or an XP machine, the Hrware.ini file will be located at C:\Windows.

  • On all newer operating systems, the Hrware.ini file will be located at C:\Programdata\Gradience

Note: The Programdata folder may be hidden. If you are unsure how to unhide it, you may go online to see how this is done for your operating system.

At the top, you will see three lines as shown here…




2. The last item in the PATH line; (hrware.gdb) refers to the database.

3. Copy the folder that contains your database file. This way, you not only capture the data but all of your backups as well.

4. Paste a copy of this folder into a place where it can be retrieved later. 

Download the Installation File.

Click here to download the latest Gradience version. We recommend you save it to the desktop and run it from there rather than running it from our web site because you may need it to update your clients. 

Install Gradience on the New Server.

When given the option, select Server. When you see Test Connection don’t bother. The connection will fail because you don’t have the database engine yet. Click Next on each screen until you click Finish. Do not bother launching the program. You now have a new, blank database file on the new computer. The name of this new database s Hrware.gdb. By default, it is located at C:\Progrmdata\Gradience.

Copy & Move the Original Database to the New Server.

1. Retrieve the copy you made earlier of the folder that contains your original data and backups.

NOTE: If it is not already named Data, please rename it Data.

2. Use this copy to replace the Data folder created by the installation process at C:\Programdata.

3. Launch the program. You do not have to enter a product key because it came over with the rest of the data from the old server. .

Repoint the existing Client(s).

Open the hrware.ini file on the client.

  • On XP, click Start > Run and enter hrware.ini and click OK to bring it up.

  • On Win 7, go to C:\programdata\gradience to find it and open it. Note: on Win 7 the programdata folder may be hidden.

Change the SERVER= line to the new server name and change the path if necessary. Just change the 2 lines under [HRWARE] at the top. Do not map a drive and do not use UNC. Save a copy of the file to a place where you can retrieve it later.

IMPORTANT Note: You will need to update the client software as well if you used a newer install at the server. All workstations including the server must be running the same release.

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