Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Installing Gradience version 11



DO NOT install version 12 if...

  • You plan on running the software on a Windows 10 computer. Due to recent Windows 10 updates, version 12 no longer works on Windows 10. We are working to update version 12 so that it will once again be compatible with Windows 10.
  • You have been using version 11 up until now. For the time being please stick with version 11.


Only the first iteration of version 12 [appears] to run OK on Windows 10. That would be version 12.17.0508.16, which came out on May 8, 2017. The most recent release of version 12 is version 12.17.0614.16, which came out on June 14, 2017. This second release of version 12 does not work on Windows 10.

ONLY if you have already been using version 12.17.0508.16 is it wise to install this version on additional computers or to [move] the software to a new computer/server. You may click here to download this version.

If you have been using version 11, you should by all means STAY on version 11, in which case you may click your back button to go back to the previous web page to download version 11.

ONLY if you have been using version 12.17.0614.16, you may click here to download this version but it cannot be installed on Windows 10.

CAUTION! Never not go backwards installing versions of our software!

Final Note:If you are installing the software after a first time purchase or as a 30 Day FREE Trial demo, please click your back button to go back to the previous web page to download version 11.



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