Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Install Version 12.17.0614.16


First print and read this article before actually downloading and installing.

NOTE: Licenses are purchased annually but the version is updated throughout the year for FREE. A software update is a full install. It is not a just a patch. The steps below are valid whether you are installing for the first time or updating an existing version. This update became available on June 14, 2017. The full, multi-digit version number is 12.17.0614.16.

  • The 17 refers to the year 2017.
  • The 06 refers to the month of June.
  • The 14 refers to the day-of-the-month.
  • The 16 refers to the hour-of-the-day - 1600 hrs/4:00 PM

When you get to the web site click on Gradience Suite.This will not automatically give you all four software titles. It merely gives you the option of any or all four titles. All you are doing here is downloading the installation file. Once you run that file, you will be given the opportunity to select the specific Gradience software title or titles you want to install.

Click here to download the installation file.



...the installer will likely be automatically saved to your Downloads folder. We recommend copying it to your desktop to run the installation from there. 


Firebird Alert! Firebird is the mechanism that connects the software to the data. Gradience now uses Firebird 3.0 and it will replace whatever version of Firebird you may already have with this version. 


Installing the current version...


Be sure to check only the software titles that you wish to install and follow the prompts until finished.

Select whether this is to be a Standalone, Server, or Client install...

Opening the Software After Installation...

Open the software and click Help > About as shown below to see the new version number.


IMPORTANT! Please ensure that you have this latest [release] running on all computers that have Gradience installed. If you run different releases of any version on various machines that are all pointed to the same database, you can get weird, voodoo-like performance from the software and the data can be corrupted beyond repair. Such corruption can cause functionality issues that cannot be resolved.


If you are updating an older version on multiple computers, once you have installed this at the server, you may click here to push-out the update to all of your client workstations currently running Gradience.


CAUTION! Pushing-out updates to client workstations will not work the [first time] you install the software.

Click here to access help if the software fails to open after installation.


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