Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Replacing a Client Workstation

Please print these instructions before you follow them.

CAUTION! Although your software license may be curent, your software version may not be. These instructions will have you download the current iteration of version 12. If you are currently running version 11 or some older version or even an earlier iteration of version 12, you MUST first update to the latest iteration of version 12 on the server and the other clients [before] installing this latest iteration of version 12 on the NEW client workstation. 

When you run different versions or different iterations of [any] version on various machines that are all pointed to the same database, you will get weird, voodoo-like performance from the software and you risk corrupting the data beyond repair.

At the time this article was updated, the latest iteration of version 12 was 12.17.0614.16, which came out on June 14, 2016.

The 17 refers to the year 2017.
The 06 refers to the month of June.
The 14 refers to the day-of-the-month.

The 16 refers to the time-of-day. 1600hrs. / 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

It could be that at the time you are reading this, we have issued another version 12 update but have not yet updated this article. The process however, is still valid. 

Finding the version you are currently running

You can see what you are currently running by going to where you uninstall software and you will see the full, multi-digit version number. Although your number may differ, It will look similar to this...

Another way to find your full, multi-digit version number is to open the software and click Help > About

Installing the Latest Iteration of Version 12 on your NEW Client Workstation

1. Open the existing client and go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience and copy the Hrware.ini file. 

2. Paste the copied file to a neutral location.

3. On the new client, go to C:\ProgramData and create a Gradience folder.

4. Drop the copied Hrware.ini file into the Gradience folder.

5. install the software on the new client and select Client when prompted.

6. When accessing the web to download the installation file, click Gradience Suite.

7. During installation you may select the specific software title(s) you need to install.

Click here to download the installation file.

Click here if the new client fails to connect to the data.




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