Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Moving from One Standalone to Another

Please read the important Tip below.

CAUTION! This involves installation. Before proceeding, please read the Version 12 warning below.

Gradience Version 12 Warning! Microsoft recently issued two updates to Windows 10...

  • Windows Creator and…
  • 1709 

The result was that Gradience 12 became non-functional on any Windows 10 computer where these two updates have been implemented. Consequently, we are currently rewriting version 12 so that it will once again be compatible with Windows 10. This process could potentially take many months. I cannot give you an estimate on when version 12 will once again be certified compatible with Windows 10.

Version 12 Users: If you have been running Gradience version 12 on your old computer, you may [not] use it on Windows 10 going forward until we have recertified it compatible with Windows 10. You would have to install it on a Windows 7 computer or a Windows 7 VM (virtual machine). Please do not revert to version 11. Version 11 cannot read your existing version 12 data.

Version 11 Users: If you have been running Gradience version 11 on your old computer, You should install version 11 on the new computer even if the new computer is [not] Windows 10. Please don’t move up to version 12 until after we re-release it.

At the Old Computer:

Find your production database file. Never assume the location of your data. You [may] have more than one Gradience database. You need to be sure that you are going to access the one that is in use.

Go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience. Open the Hrware.ini file. When it opens, ignore most of what you see and focus on just two lines. The line [very near the top] that starts with…


…and ends with…


…will indicate the specific location of your data.

Go to that location and copy the database named Hrware.gdb. You may wish to also copy the Backup folder just above it as well. Save both in a neutral location that you can access from the new computer.

At the new Computer:

  • Please click here to install version 11Please do not revert from version 12 to to version 11. Version 11 cannot read existing version 12 data.
  • Please click here to install version 12. Please don’t move up from version 11 to version 12 until after we re-release it.

Note: During installation, select the specific software title(s) you need. 

1. Go to where you saved a copy of your original database and copy it again.

2. Go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience and replace the new database with the copy of your original.

3. You should also replace the new, empty, local, backup folder with the copy of your original.

4. Launch the software on the new computer to verify that you can access your original data.

6. Click Help > About to verify your and that your license expiration date.

Click here to troubleshoot connection issues.

Tip! Because you will be continuing to run the software as a standalone, Please back up your data off of the new computer. Back it up to a folder on your server or to a folder on an external drive. If you back up the data [locally] you will lose everything when the computer crashes.

NEVER assume that your server backups capture a copy of the data residing on your computer!

I also highly recommend that you automate Gradience backups and ensure that they are sent to a network folder or a folder on an external drive. Even if the server does nightly backups, it's just so much faster and simpler to restore a Gradience backup than to recover a copy of the database captured by your nightly server backups. The links below cover this.

Please click here for Gradience to back up your data automatically.

Please click here to restore data that was previously backed up.




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