Gradience Basics - Initial Download and Installation

Gradience Basics Initial Download/Installation

Download Link:

When the web page opens, click the down arrow in Step 1 where it says Please select your product.

When the menu opens, click on the name of the software you wish to download.

In Step 2 on the right, click the highest version number shown if more than one version number displays.

When the screen changes, look for the heading; Download Software and click on the title of software you wish to install.

When the popup window opens, click Run. After installing the program, find the desktop shortcut to open the program and enter the product key when prompted. You can find the 32-character key in the order confirmation you received via e-mail.

Once in, click on Help > About to view the new full, multi-digit version number. Jot down that full number. In the event you need technical support, it helps for us to know all of the digits of your version number to render you the best possible support. Occasionally, solutions for particular issues change when the version number changes.

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Click here if installing to a Windows 7 computer.

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