Attendance - Add new Custom Accrual Dates for the Coming Year

When you near the end of a calendar year, you are nearing the end of your available Custom Dates. if you don't enter a new batch of Custom Accrual Dates for the coming year, you will run out and your employees will stop earning Time-Off.

IMPORTANT! You can only enter dates for the [licensed year]. If you discover that you are unable to enter custom accrual dates it is likely because you have not entered the product key for the software license for the coming year. Once you purchase the next license and enter the associated product key, you may enter dates for that year. To acquire a new license call 800-999-9111 or email  

How to add more dates for the coming year:

1. Click Settings > Time-Off Plans. When the Plan List popup window opens, select the plan that accrues on Custom Dates and click the Plan Setup button.

2. Now go to the lower left to the section called Select How Often to Accrue. Click the Edit Custom Dates button. If the Edit Custom Dates button is grayed out, click Yearly – once per year and then click Custom. You can now click the Edit Custom Dates button.

3. When the Custom Dates Entry popup window opens, you will see that The Frequency is already set to Every Two weeks (26 entries)

IMPORTANT! This is not a representation of how you had previously set it to accrue. It is the default setting each time you open this screen. Reset it to the proper frequency if your frequency is different.



  • If you are using one of the options available under Frequency on the left, move on to step 4.

  • If you are not using one of the convenient frequency choices available, you may manually enter dates into the vertical field in the center of the screen. To do so, click on the last date in the field and press the Tab key on your keyboard. Then manually type-in the date. Click New to enter the next date. Repeat as often as necessary. The last date entered is the last date when Time-Off will accrue to employees.

4. Enter a new Start with Date that would be the next date Time-Off should logically accrue to employees. In the area where it indicates Number of dates to add, Change 52 to whatever the [total] number of dates should be for Time-Off to accrue until your license expires. The number you enter must  including the Start with Date.

5. Click Run Autofill. This will populate the central, vertical window with the rest of your custom dates until your license expires.

6. Click Save >Exit. The Custom Date Entry popup will close. Now click Save on the Plan Setup screen to save the plan as a whole and exit.

7. Now attempt to accrue again.




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