Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Move Gradience from an old version 11 Standalone to a new version 12 Standalone

Follow the steps below when you will be installing version 12 on the NEW computer but you have version 11 on the OLD computer and you need to move the data from the old computer to the new one. 

1. Perform a backup of your version 11 database on the old computer and when you do, back up to a network folder or an external USB device (thumb drive).

2. At the new computer, install version 12 by using the link below.

3. At the new computer, perform a restore of the version 11 backup you just made. You will have to navigate to wherever you put it.

4. Open version 12 to see your data. The product key contained within the backup will come over with all of the other data.

NOTE: You cannot simply replace a new, blank version 12 database file with a copy of the old version 11 database file. You MUST restore a version 11 backup into the new, blank version 12 database file. 

Please click here to install version 12 on the new computer.

Please click here to restore the version 11 backup into version 12.

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