TimeClock - Overtime Calculations: General Rules

Overtime is calculated on the particular 7-Day work week you established in the work schedule that happens to be assigned to eh employee. 

So, there are essentially two parts to this...

1. Create a work schedule where the work week begins on Wednesday and...

2. Assign this work schedule to the employee.

You may attribute a failure of overtime to calculate properly to one of the following causes...

  • Someone failed to create a work schedule or...
  • The work week in the work schedule that you created begins on the wrong day-of-the-week or...
  • Someone failed to assign the a correctly formatted work schedule to the employee or...
  • You expect overtime to calculate on a pay-period basis. Per the department of labor, overtime is to be calculated on a 7-Day work week, not on a pay-period basis. Even if you are not open for business 7 days a week, your government definition of a work week is 7 days.

Subtle-yet important caveats:

  • When creating the work schedule, please ensure that the Time-Of-Day on which it begins is 12:00 AM regardless of when you actually open your doors for business on that day. If you select another time-of-day than this, the software will not function properly.


  • We recommend that you set the effective date of the work schedule to a date that predates the first workweek to which it will apply.

Please click here for the steps to set up a Work Schedule in Gradience TimeClock.

Please click here to change work schedule rules.

Please click here to reset the effective date of a work schedule.

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