Attendance & Records - Reporting Pending Performance Reviews

Running Reports for Pending Performance Evaluations:
In an Nutshell...
1.  Establish a new [type] of review called Initial Review.

2. Create a performance evaluation, selecting Initial Review from the drop-down menu. When doing so, establish the due date for the next evaluation.

3. Run a Review Schedule Report. The report will indicate when the next review is due to occur.

In Detail...
1.  Click Settings > Drop-down Menu Setup > Performance Reasons.

2. Click New and enter Initial Review and click Save > Close.

3. Click Performance and select the employee and click New.

4. Enter the name of the reviewer, leave it set to today's date, enter Initial Review as the Review Reason and enter [your] reason for the next review as shown here...

5. Click Save > Close without entering any additional information. 

6. Click Reports > Performance > Review Schedule as shown here...

7. Select all employees for a particular department or for the whole organization.

8. Check the box for Next Review Date.

9. Set the appropriate date range in the same way shown here but with your own date range...

10. The report will show the date when the next review is scheduled to occur as shown here...











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