Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Firebird Vulnerability

We are aware that certain industries particularly in the financial sector prefer Firebird 2.x.x over Firebird 1.5 for security reasons. This is why we updated our software to be compatible with Firebird 2.x.x. We deployed this update last May followed by another update last June, which you may install now.

It is possible that you are already running the most recent update that came out last June but still have Firebird 1.5. This is possible because the current version is compatible with [both] Firebird 1.5 [and] Firebird 2.0 but updating to the current version of Gradience does not [automatically] update Firebird to 2.0.

To see the version of Gradience that you have, you must open the software and click on Help > About. A popup window will open that will display your full, multi-digit version number. The current version is 11.0.1606.29, which came out on June 29, 2016.

The 16 refers to the year 2016.
The 06 refers to the month of June.
The 29 refers to the day-of-the-month.

As I mentioned above, you may already have this version of Gradience but still have the older version of Firebird. Either way, you must go into Services on the computer. You will see two instances of Firebird 1.5. Stop one and the other will automatically stop. Then go to Programs and Features to uninstall Firebird

While in Programs and Features, if you see Gradience Professional, please uninstall that too. Doing so will not remove your data. All of your data reside in a database file that is outside the software. If you do not see Gradience Professional but some other variation of Gradience, you do not have to uninstall it.

Next, please go to C:\Program Files (x86) and look for a Firebird folder. If you see one, delete it. Then use the link below to download the installation file for the latest release of version 11 and then run that file to install this latest version, which again is 11.0.1606.29.

Please ensure that you have this [SAME] version running on all computers that have Gradience installed. If you run different releases of version 11 on various machines that are all pointed to the same database, you will get weird, voodoo-like performance from the software and you run a very real risk of corrupting the database beyond repair.

IMPORTANT! When the next version of Gradience is released sometime this year, it will only run with Firebird 3.0. Please verify that Firebird 3.0 will not conflict with any other software you are running that may require a different version of Firebird. 

Click here to download the installation file for the current version.


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